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The Year of Peace

I have to be honest, I did not deliberate much (this morning) when deciding that this year would be my Year of Peace. As you may remember from previous posts, each year I pick a theme on my birthday for the following 12 months. In the past its been such things as the Year of Me, when I focused on taking care of my body, the Year of Opposites when I tried to come out of my shell more and think outside of the box, the Year of Health when I was pregnant and trying to eat well for the baby. The Year of Peace seemed rather obvious, not just in light of this site but generally speaking in terms of my real need for calm and peace in the home, with my child, in heated or hectic moments and trying to stay relaxed, focused, and centered concerning all elements of my life — spirituality, nutrition, friendships, finance, whatever it may be.

Having a small child may not leave much time for exercise, meditation, yoga, or journaling, but I don’t think it’s necessary to practice those things and still maintain a sense of calm and peace. It’s taking a breath in a frantic, busy moment to make a smart decision; stopping to reflect on all I have to be grateful for at any given hour; focusing on what I want instead of what may be expected, or habit, or customary.

So on this perhaps momentous day when I am now officially “in my 30s,” I’m looking forward to discovering what’s in store and, enjoying all that I do have — my home, my family, my health — I’m also realizing that I’ve brought all of these good things into my life and therefore I can only continue to do more good and attract more good. If I focus enough on wanting peace, in bringing it into my life, there’s no other option than for it to come. I’m excited, happy, and hopeful.

What do you LOVE to do on your birthday? Let me know! My day is wide open…

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