My Perfect Mother’s Day Menu

So Mother’s Day is a whopping 2 days away, and other than a family BBQ in the afternoon (no different than any other Sunday, really), we have no plans. Zip. Zero. Zilch. Why? Because I’m in charge, of course, and it’s been the last thing on my mind. I plan my birthdays and those of everyone else in this household, so I shouldn’t be surprised — but I’m drawing a blank. I have no idea what I want to do, although I could list upwards of 10 things I don’t want to do, like laundry, dishes, nap time, and bath time.

So let’s focus on the one thing I can dream about day or night (like the pizza place in my dreams about 4 o’clock this morning): FOOD!

I like thinking about “favorites” because it’s something you do as a child and then kind of forget about as an adult. What’s your favorite color? Your favorite food? Your favorite TV show? Your favorite movie? I’m not sure if I know the answers to any of those questions. But for Mother’s Day, a day when it’s all about being with family and feeling cozy and comfy, this is how my meals will look if I get my way:

  • Breakfast will be something homemade, even though I’ll have to make it myself — this time we’ll probably rely on the whole-wheat waffles I have in the freezer, which is deliciously light with just a hint of cinnamon. The only thing that would make them perfect is if I had a syrup dispenser you could put in the microwave because we always just use the maple syrup straight out of the fridge and it’s not the same when it’s cold! I better get some fresh berries to put on top. Aside from my one cup of coffee of the day, I’ll also have a glass of orange juice…maybe I also deserve to get some oranges and make it fresh squeezed!
  • Although I’ve been trying to be more like the French and eliminate snacks, what can I say? Creating a little person inside does make me more hungry. Unfortunately, it also makes me more prone to wanting sweets mid-morning — so we’ll probably stop off at Starbucks, and although my husband will undoubtedly get a coffee and a scone or a piece of marble loaf, I’ll stick with the fresh fruit (not organic, but hey) and some water. I really can get by on just the smells there.
  • Lunch is hard…especially on the weekends now I like to have a nice hot sit-down meal, but that means somehow arranging cooking around nap time, so it has to be relatively quick and easy — but also light. I’m not one to sit down to a bowl of pasta at noon on Saturday…Sunday maybe, but knowing we have a big family meal later in the day should sway me away from anything heavy. A prettily arranged salad would be perfect. I better find a recipe, stat!
  • If we can make it until AFTER naps to eat lunch, we won’t need another snack before my mom’s dinner. If I were cooking, what would I make? Hmm…although it’s less than glamorous, I think I’d want something just purely yummy like a prosciutto and taleggio panini. So it’s a good thing I’m not cooking because I think prosciutto would fall under the “lunch meat” category, which pregnant women aren’t supposed to eat. But can you imagine, with some homemade potato chips (which I’ve never made before) or some baked “fries”? Maybe a small arugula salad on the side, with tomatoes? YUM.
  • Of course, I’m not one to skimp on dessert — ever. I really should have some good dark chocolate on hand for after lunch, but at the end of a nice spring day what could be better than some sort of lemony cake or pudding? THIS is absolutely what I’d make: a healthy lemon tart. Too bad I’m not even on dessert duty in terms of bringing something to Mom’s…oh well, I’ll just have to find an excuse to make this another day (like maybe tomorrow instead)!

So while I still have no idea what we’ll do in terms of leisure activities during the day (part of me would just like to sit back and order my husband around, so he sees what I do all day: Wash and fold those clothes! Make a hot meal for our son for lunch! Put him down for a nap! Take him to the store, the park, the train station, the library! Do all those dishes, and put them away!), a girl can dream. If it’s a perfectly sunny day, maybe we’ll walk around the park or on one of the many trails surrounding our community. Perhaps I’ll declare a no-media day, and the newspaper will sit untouched, the remote controls will be hidden and the windows will be rolled down in the car without having to pump tunes through the stereo system. I’d like a trip to the book store, and this time Daddy can watch our son while I read magazines and browse the hundreds of books I’d like to buy. The only thing I’d like more is for my son to be 100% well behaved all day, to bake with me, to not whine in his stroller or the car,

Probably it will just end up like any other Sunday, though. And that’s fine, too.

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