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Eating out in the suburbs sucks

This is the first post I’ve written on disappointing dinners out and how they screw with my food budget (and brain) and move right along to the following:

  1. If you screw up my order, and I have a screaming child, because we’ve been here now for an hour and still haven’t eaten, when you offer me a second glass of wine, you BEST be sure you say it’s on the house, or I will curse you and your restaurant, huff out of there and never look back. Coupons are damned.
  2. If on top of all that, your food is unhealthy, mediocre, dated, and unoriginal, you can guarantee I’m also going to write a blog post about it and agree with Anthony Bourdain and his style/line of thinking that it’s fatty recipes and crappy food that are killing our waistlines and puffing up our kids, and it’s high time we stop patronizing places that lack pizazz, personality, and integrity and instead vow to enjoy our meals and place a little more value on what goes into our bodies every day.

Okay, so I did feel bad, storming out of the restaurant after such an unpleasant experience, but mostly just because it was my husband who wanted to go there, and he admittedly felt guilty after for guiding us toward another waste of money and another seriously unhappy ending. But at the same time, everything happens for a reason, and although in part it just made me think how nice it would be to live in the city and have a zillion green, healthy, local, earthy-crunchy restaurants and purveyors at my fingertips, it also made me put my foot down and become even more determined to vote with my dollar AND my fork. Forget the overrated chain restaurants and mass-media marketing, deals, scheming, and plotting for my butt in the seat. I’d much rather save up my dollars at the end of each month and use them for a seriously nice meal downtown, or trek on over to Whole Foods for some filets we season and cook up ourselves than constantly be falling into this trap of overpriced garbage that’s doing nothing for me nutritionally and, in the end, is taking my happiness down a notch. The nerve!

So that’s my rant for the day. I’m kind of over it already but didn’t have the energy to post about it last night when it happened, so don’t worry about me, folks, but if you feel the same way, put your foot down like I am. Damn the man! Don’t let big corporations and unfeeling line cooks decide what you’re eating for dinner tonight. Patronize the places that seem to care about you and your enjoyment of their food, and if it takes you a while to find a place like that, cook for yourself in the meantime. Clearly, I speak from experience when I say once burned, twice learned. I’m going to be a lot pickier in the future.

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