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How to Paint a Door in the Middle of a Snowstorm

I bought the supplies to paint the doors and had them all ready to go. However, it snowed and I spent the next 8 hours shoveling and snow blowing the snow. So, I painted a door using this method the next day while the town continued to clear all the snow away. And it was still cold…… so the spirit of the title (there was 35″ of snow on the ground) was still there, even though the letter of the title (it was no longer snowing) was passed.


Happy New Year

New Year is the time to start a new chapter of life. Happy New Year 2021!

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Why the change?

Hi all,

Hopefully, you’ve “found” the new site OK. It was a little complicated to change, and I think I may have lost some of you in the process, but there weren’t many ways around it…I’m still looking for a 100% solution, but this is where we’re at so far.