Welcome to my blog!

TomatoDrill is dedicated to people, places, and things that make life a little lovelier, from the yummy recipes to perfect DIY crafts to a swoon-worthy wedding to the best getaways. As a blog editor and writer, avid traveler, and sometimes-shopaholic, I come across cool finds every day, and I am always on the hunt for inspiration. TomatoDrill is a way to share all those discoveries worth talking about, er, blogging about.

I am head over heels for Champagne, chandeliers, movie theater popcorn, recipes, music, film photography, short frocks, tie-dye, dream catchers, fresh snow, fall leaves, the ocean, jet-set adventures, novels, magazines, all-things Alice In Wonderland…the list goes on. I blog about these personal faves, finds, and more–from me to you, with love.

Anyway, I do hope you enjoy your time here at Tomato Drill. I hope to get to know you and that you like the “me” you’ll get to know here.